Michael S. - Bradenton, FL


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you again! I am so pleased with my puppy. I cannot believe how well tempered he is and how well he responds to my commands. Not only is he well mannered, but his looks, size, color, and attitude are all what I was wanting out of a dog. We have spent a lot of great time together working on his retrieving and he has a pure desire to please. You wouldn;t believe his excitement when he sees me grab those decoys!!

I have had no problems with him in the house. Not one piece of furniture has been chewed (of course I provide him with plenty of chew toys, which he prefers!) and he obeys all of my commands with ease. I can certainly tell this dog comes from an amazing bloodline. Thanks Again. He has been a pure joy for me.

Michael -Bradenton, Florida.

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