Thomas M.- Oak Harbor,Wa.

I bought one of your pups in December 2006 from Sam & Kate's litter. I just wanted to say how great a dog she is. Her name is' Huntfield's Maggie Monster' or "Maggie " for short. She is the prettiest lab I've ever seen and I get compliments on her everywhere I go. She is extremely smart and a joy to train. She picked up on obedience training faster than I could have ever hoped and she is a retrieving machine. She is only 15 months old and is handling and doing blinds with ease. I could not be more happy with her. I have several friends with labs that are several years older than Maggie and they don't even come close to her abilities. I would recommend your puppies to anyone and have recommended them to many of my friends. Again, I thank you for putting the time and energy into breeding such wonderful dogs will be contacting you whenever I decide to get another dog.

Thomas M.
Oak Harbor,Wa.

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