Sarah & Hugh- Athens,Ga.

Dear Mark & Melody,

We wanted to let you know how well our new Roma and our 3 year old dog Dutch are doing. Dutch is from Champ and Henri born on December 1, 2005 and Roma is from  the Sam/Darcy litter born on December 21,2008.

Dutch is by far and away the best dog we have ever owned. He is an amazing hunting companion with a nose that helps him find anything you send him after. One time when we were duck hunting we overheard another group of hunters talking about a duck they thought they had shot, but there dog couldn't seem to find. We sent Dutch after the duck and he found it in no time. He follows hand signals and commands incredibly well and he gets along with any other dog. He has a laid back personality, but he definitely happiest when he is playing and retrieving outside. Our new additon to the family, Roma, has been a real treat for Dutch, as he now finally has someone to romp around with like no human can do. He is great with Roma...

Roma has been an absolute dream to have. She is about to be 10 weeks old. By the 2nd or 3rd week we had her she was alreaday  running to the door if she had to goo potty and sleeping through the night  without needing to go until about 8am. She is also learning to come "here',"sit" and go "over" to cross the street...

We hope you are doing well and can't thank you enough for such wonderful companions.

Sarah & Hugh-Athens,Ga.


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