Chris P.-Pearl River,La.

Dear Mark & Melody,

On December 12,2009 my 8 year old son,CJ, my father and I went on a hunting trip in Hazlehurst,Ms. It was supposed to rain Saturday morning so I decided to sleep in. Because of the weather, my father and son went to a stand  on the pipeline since it was closer to camp. At about 7:30 am a nice 8 point buck came out into the food plot about 220 yards from the stand. A pretty good poke for a 45/70. My father took the shot and knew he hit the deer. They stayed in the stand until the rain let up enough to come back to the camp.My father told the story and asked if I thought "Copper" could find the deer. (Copper a 7 month old pup out of a Honey/Sam breeding) had just come off of 2 months of waterfowl training with your trainer Stewart Hoy. Copper had never seen or smelled a deer as far as I know. So I was skeptical that he would be any help. We put on our rain suits and to the field we went. We got to the spot where the deer was standing when the shot was taken. There was NO BLOOD , NO HAIR, NO TRACKS, nothing but water running down the side of the hill. I walked "Copper" around the field for a minute and then took him to the edge of the woods where the deer went in and said"Let's see what'cha got boy" I took his lead off -said "DEAD-DEAD-DEAD"  and gave him the "GO" command. To make a long story short he bayed the deer about 275 yards into the woods in a matter of minutes, we shot and killed the deer .  "Copper" immediately jumped on top of his prize and looked at me as if to say "Is this what you wanted?" I was so proud to see my dog find the deer for my father and the only thing I could say is "GOOD DOG"!

CHRIS P-Pearl River,La.


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