Barbara M._Texas

 Dear Mark & Melody,

I bought a female pup last year from a Rose X Sam breeding. Her name is 'Redcoat Nip it in the Bud' but all her friends and family call her "Nippit". This past November she passed two AKC Junior tests (youngest dog running) and in December she ran another two tests and earned her Junior title at a very young age. Don't want to brag too much but her performance didn't give the judges too much to was picture perfect!  I took Nippit on a couple of dove hunts in Sept. at 5 months old to introduce her to real was kinda' ugly.  I'm sending you a picture taken in yesterday's duck hunt. 'Nippit' is in the middle in the back of the duck she retrieved. I had to remote sit her about 50 feet from me, shoot and then send her on a 60 yard water blind retrieve! It was a piece of cake for her as it fell white belly up(she thinks it is all skill so mums the word). Nippit is an amazing pup at 9 months and has not been "forced" on any of her training! She can run with the big boys now......Hope everything is going well for Huntfield Kennels.



Barbara M.-Texas

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